39 subway stations and nothing to show for it

Saturday. March 16, 2013. Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea Mission: Find cheap DJ gear I’m a little late on this post, perhaps because I’m getting lazy already But this information is quite important, so the message must get out. Compared to the States, DJ equipment is really expensive in Korea. You would think that since so many electronics are produced [...]

Saturday night, 12:00AM On train to Apgujeong, a nice friendly man said to me “Iranian?”. That’s weird, Korean people usually look away from me in public. In a brief exchange in Korean, I reveal my real country of origin and learn of his missions in America. I didn’t reveal to the minister, however, that in the front of my mind [...]

Saturday, 6:00PM I woke up, drank water, and went back to sleep. I then woke up for real around 4. I found this place called ‘Kimbap Country’ [translated] and proceeded to stuff my hungry belly with dolsot bibimbap and mandu. Fighting the urge to pass out again, I forced myself to get ready for day two. This time in Seoul. [...]

So let me tell you about my weekend. After a week of hyper 6-year olds, I decided to give myself a well-deserved crazydrunkweekend. This is what went down… Friday Dinner a new pizza and pasta restaurant started me weekend off. For just under 10 bucks, I got some (somewhat under-cooked) spaghetti with marinara sauce in a bread bowl and a [...]

Ten years ago

It’s hard to believe that I started Army basic training 10 years ago today. Then, I really only knew a few cities in Ohio. Since then, I have discovered the world. Being 19 and naive when I left, I had no idea that my enlistment would eventually lead to me travelling to countless cities, experiencing several countries, going to war.. [...]

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