So let me tell you about my weekend. After a week of hyper 6-year olds, I decided to give myself a well-deserved crazydrunkweekend. This is what went down…


Dinner a new pizza and pasta restaurant started me weekend off. For just under 10 bucks, I got some (somewhat under-cooked) spaghetti with marinara sauce in a bread bowl and a side of pickles. Pickles are a weird thing in Korea; while they pickle nearly everything under the sun, pickling cucumbers just hasn’t caught on. :( In any case, I went home and promptly passed out, because that just what I do after dinner. The heartburn that ensued after my ultra-power nap wasn’t going to stop me from my solo quest of an inebriated social life.

So I begin my journey to Seohyun, which is home to several bars that cater to foreigners. I left my place at 11 and took a bus headed north. My sense of distance and direction is making the journey difficult though- I don’t think I can afford getting off at the wrong bus stop much longer! I finally arrive at Seohyun Station and I’m greeted with a sensation of familiarity (I’d been there last week) and that sensation quickly left me for I still couldn’t find crap. Fortunately, some pirated WiFi on my phone along with the unexpected gift of GPS reception got me to the right place. :D

AK Plaza at Seohyun Station

AK Plaza at Seohyun Station

First stop, Traveler’s Bar. This place is owned by a Canadian who has been in country for the better part of two decades. I took a seat at the bar and ordered myself a beer. As delicious as it was, it didn’t quite take the edge off of my feeling of being new and alone. Not finding sufficient ‘ins’, I left after one drink. Hearing the last ten years of American top-20 songs further motivated my departure. But I shall return there soon, for I like the bar staff and the service is great. Next week, I’ll probably see a band who call themselves “Los Diablos Blancos”. Funny, I almost named my WiFi at home something similar.

The next place was 2-10. 2-10 is probably my favorite somewhat local spot so far. In the two times I’ve been there, I’ve befriended lots of Koreans and white people. After parking myself at the bar having the closed things to Yeungling, I made some light conversation with a Californian woman who then invited me to play darts with her friends. And I’m in.

You see, all it takes is one awesome, friendly person to start off your social life in a new place. Moving so much in the Army has given me the ability to quickly build connections from scratch. I’ve done it with you, Minnesota. And I’ve done with Columbus, as well. That first person introduce you to two people, and they connect you to more. Even after you met everybody they know, you’re already in a special “meet freaking everybody” mode so you then start conversations with strangers. And before you know it, you go from being weird looking Italian dude sitting alone at the bar to being Mike, from Ohio.

Anyhoo, 2-10 is wicked fun. They’ve got hookahs, pool, darts, and a fight every night, so I hear. I should also mention that this places closes at whenever o’clock :D This is great for hanging out with your new friends all night long, but it’s very, very bad for hangover prevention. I’ll just call this an acceptable trade off.

So I left around 5 AM, I think, and found a taxi driver who was brave enough to handle a drunk foreigner. Having the the previous renter’s utility bill on me makes for swift and direct travel back home. Friday night done… time to rest up for the next evening in Seoul.

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