Ten years ago

It’s hard to believe that I started Army basic training 10 years ago today. Then, I really only knew a few cities in Ohio. Since then, I have discovered the world.

Being 19 and naive when I left, I had no idea that my enlistment would eventually lead to me travelling to countless cities, experiencing several countries, going to war.. twice, learning a foreign language, getting some degrees, throwing some amazing parties, and building relationships with such amazing people over the years. I had no freaking clue.

Strangely, my decision to come to Korea came under very similar circumstances. No job, no girlfriend, no desire to try to make life work in a world that was too familiar to me. I went from idea to decision to departure in only a few months. All that may sound depressing, but that’s a perfect combination of attributes that encourages one to try something completely different. The awesome experiences I’ve had probably would not have happened had not everything gone to shit. Silver linings anyone…?

I am truly grateful for the past decade, for I’m sure the will be great tales to tell… once I learn how to tell a story. :P I’ve got to be extremely grateful to my family, for though we were separated by great distance, they have been there for me every step of the way. As I embark on what can only be described as quite an excellent adventure, I want to encourage all of you to take a leap, get out of your comfort zone, and do something on which you’ll look back and say “I cannot believe I did that”. For in life, there are few things more gratifying than discovering what you’re capable of…

~the roamin’ soul

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